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November 25, 2015

Blue Bespoke Beauties by Gaziano & Girling

What I love about Gaziano & Girling’s bespoke balmoral boots is that they make them the proper height that a true balmoral boot should be. You see back in the Victorian day, the boots that they wore were much higher up the leg than the RTW ones that you see today (even G&G RTW are lower than this bespoke one). I don’t know exactly why they lowered them (pretty much an industry standard) but I can only speculate that it has to do with comfort. A high shaft in a balmoral boot can be a strange feeling if one is not used to it and even sometimes can make you uncomfortable. But for me it is so much more elegant looking, not that you notice it under your trousers though. So naturally when I saw these, ticking all my boxes: 1. Balmoral Boots, 2. Blue 3. High in the shaft and 4. Combination leather/suede, I instantly fell in love with them, as one does. And now you can too!

Screenshot_2015-11-12-23-18-03 Screenshot_2015-11-12-23-18-22



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