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November 11, 2015

Next Level Japanese Shoes – Yohei Fukada

Next Level Japanese Shoes - Yohei Fukada

Picture courtesy of Isetan Men’s Net

I saw this picture the other day of Yohei Fukada’s shoes on Bespoke Makers’s IG account and was completely blown away. Not only have the Japanese mastered shoemaking, but also shoe shining, patina and to top it off, shoe photography! Everything about this shoe and the photo is perfect. The lighting hits the shine in just the right way to make it look immaculately flawless and without a doubt the shoe is made to a level of expertise unnecessary of description. The only downfall is that the shoes being so beautiful when brand new will inevitably lose that once you start to wear them. Of course, they will still be lovely, but not to the level where you just want to appreciate them as a work of art!


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