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November 4, 2015

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Barbanera – The Review

Let me start off by saying that the pictures in this post don’t do the boots justice. It was with my old camera and in a place with terrible lighting. In hindsight, I should have taken them all outside. Nevertheless, here is the review of my first pair of Barbanera boots. I had taken receipt of these Kerouac boots at the beginning of the this year, having only got to wear them a couple of […]

November 3, 2015

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Cap Shines – Uplift Your Shoes!

It is amazing what a cap shine can do to your shoes. I won’t lie and say that all of my shoes have them but I always feel better about myself and my outfit when my shoes are properly polished. It really can transform the look of them, and you while we are at it. And while some people are not crazy about shiny shoes (which is okay) I guess it more is about up-keeping […]

November 2, 2015

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Blue Stunners by Main D’or

I caught a glimpse of these incredible bespoke blue shoes by Main D’or (Eiji Murata) and I was blown away. I mean, I am not going to lie and say that they are the most practical of shoe nor that the cap is nothing shy of wild, but I see them and they immediately capture my attention and admiration. And that blue, it is about as vivid as blue gets, especially on leather. Let us […]