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March 29, 2016

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Ghillies Gone Wild – Caulaincourt


As much as I love traditional dress shoes, I love even more the concoction of something casual mixed with something dressy. These ghillies oxfords by Caulaincourt Paris are the perfect example of that as they blend the nature of the original ghillie brogue lacing system that was created in the Scotland marshlands hundreds of years ago with something more dress like in nature i.e. the body of a whole cut oxford.

Now in a traditional culture and/or workplace, you would not be caught dead weating these under your suit for fear of being reprimanded for such extravagant footwear. But in France, where many things go in terms of one’s attire (esp. footwear), this is just another twist of style that is accepted most probably in a good majority of the industries. And I love that as it helps for them to lead the way in breaking all boundaries and showing the world that we don’t need to be so conservative in our choice of footwear!

Well done for this one, Caulaincourt!

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