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May 16, 2016

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Carlos Santos for Herring Shoes

carlos santos1

Carlos Santos is on the rise, so it would appear. Two major retailers in the industry picked them up this year and it seems that a once relatively unknown factory hailing from Portugal will start making major waves from 2016 onward. UK Retailer Herring Shoes who sells mainly UK brands, decided to have a go at another countries footwear and not only that but going rather bold with the offering in both color and design. So they chose to stock Carlos Santos and have a brand ambassador that is doing a great job at promoting them on his social media outlets: Men Need More Style (to which these hero shot photos are courtesy of). I particularly like the one highlighted in this post with blue suede and a contrasting blue toe. That type of styling is right up my alley and am happy to see other brands giving a go at something more bold and daring. Let’s see now how well the English market takes to these!

Carlos Santos herring_bilbao_in_chestnut_calf_and_suede_1 herring_bilbao_in_navy_calf_and_suede_1 herring_bilbao_in_olive_calf_and_suede_1 herring_madrid_in_chestnut_calf_and_suede_1 herring_madrid_in_navy_calf_and_suede_1


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