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May 31, 2016

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Meccariello Madness Part 2

Antonio Meccariello
What I love about shoe design in the classic realm of footwear, is when someone really pushes the boundaries and does something completely unique but does so in such a tasteful way that while at first sight might seem over-the-top but at second glance makes you think twice. The featured shoe in this post does just that for me. It’s so uniquely different and could be see as agressive in it’s pattern at first glance (due to the super sharp points) but the more that you look at it (at least in my eyes) the more elegant it becomes. And Antonio Meccariello is good at doing this with his pushing-the-envelope designs. I wish more makers would do this but understand the reservation to do so, coming from a business owner’s point of view. Nothing hurts you like dead stock collecting dust and unfortunately this shoe may entice many to think twice about liking it, but buying it would be a whole other story….

Saddle shoe picture courtesy of @thunder_march and both on Instagram…the others from AM’s IG account

Antonio Meccariello Antonio Meccariello Antonio Meccariello Antonio Meccariello

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