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June 8, 2016

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Father’s Day Deals from The Shoe Snob


The Shoe Snob – Starter Kit

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s crazy to think that we are in early June­ where has this year gone to?

It’s also the time of year to celebrate your Father or the Father of your children for Father’s Day on 19th June. Whilst we all never forget Mother’s Day, sometime Fathers day can seem to go under the radar a touch but we all need to thank the important men in our lives. Growing up with a father whom taught me how to do many things in life, one of his lessons was polishing my shoes for school as I am sure it was for many of you. He had a ‘man’s cupboard’ which included all things from screws, nuts, bolts and useless things that ‘you never know might come in handy’ but also his collection of shoe polish, brushes and spare laces. It was back then as a child I realised the importance of looking after your shoes and always making sure they had a suitable appearance ready for school.

Father’s Day is a great chance to give something back to him. And if you are a Father, don’t forget that it is alright to sometimes treat yourself too!

We have some great products that feature as ideal gifts for Father’s Day! Go on­, treat him to something from The Shoe Snob.




Gift Set ­ Starter Pack
(contents as shown above in main image)
£50.00 Non EU: £41.67
Savings of £5 (plus free gift boxing)


Shoe Cream Polish Set
£50.00 Non EU: £41.67
Savings of £10

cream polish set

Mini Gift Set
£28.00 Non EU: £23.33
Savings of £3


— Flat Waxed Dress Shoe Laces 5 for 4
£20.00 Non EU: £16.67
Savings of £5

— Flat Waxed Dress Shoe Laces 10 for £35
£35.00 Non EU: £29.17
Savings of £15


Egyptian Cotton & Merino Wool Socks 3 Pairs for £50
£50.00 Non EU: £41.67
Savings of £10


Egyptian Cotton & Merino Wool Socks 6 for 5
£100.00 Non EU: £83.33
Savings of £20

the-shoe-snob-socks-april-2016-hero-13 - update

Alderwood Shoe Trees ­ 3 for £90
£90.00 Non EU: £75.00
Savings of £18


Travel Man’s Shoe Trees ­ 2 for £30
£30.00 Non EU: £25.00
Savings of £10

Travel Man’s Shoe Trees ­ 5 for £60
£60.00 Non EU: £50.00
Savings of £40


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