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July 19, 2016

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Mr. Raro’s Shoes – Coming Soon

Mr. Raro's Shoes - Coming Soon

For those of you who don’t know, of Mararo is a clothier out of Italy who is known for his super cool outfits on Instagram and Pitti (at least this is how I found him). He is always impeccably dressed and I guess being a clothier it was only a matter of time before a shoe line followed. And now it’s here. I am going to go ahead and say this bluntly, but most people these days that start shoe brands do so either trying to cut corners by creating a cheap product, claiming a high quality (when it’s not) or by simply making copies of what already exists in the marketplace but at a lower price Therefore, I was super please to see that Mr. Raro went against that idea and created a shoe line that was not only very unique but of superb quality that is evident not only in the balance of the last, but also that beautiful bevelled waist that graces his . While I cannot tell you much more about them as the website is under-construction, I can say that I am excited to see the full extent of it, not to mention his upcoming shop in London. Be on the look out for this upcoming brand

To read a bit more about the man behind the brand, see this informative blog post HERE

See more product shots on Instagram handle @mararomrraro


Mr. Raro's Shoes - Coming Soon

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