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July 14, 2016

The Cap Shine


There is one simple thing that can make nearly any shoe look better and that is a . Something about having a shiny toe does a lot of justice to one’s appearance. It can even make a really crappy shoe look half-way decent. Yet, all too often you see that looked like they haven’t seen polish since they left the factory as many guys buy their , wear them to hell and just destroy them, all without ever putting one ounce of polish on them, a small gesture that could completely transform them. Now I won’t like and say that every single pair of my has a nice toe shine like the Gaziano & Girling pair in the image here but I at least always try to have clean looking pair of shoes with at least a small gleam on that toe (if not more).

The first attempt at it will take you awhile, but every time after that will only require about a 5-10 minute top-up. So please gents, do yourselves a favor and stop wearing shoes that look like you grabbed them out of the rubbish bin and give them a damn polish! And if you have some spare time, make the polish look as good as the cap shine in this picture and I guarantee you will not only see the difference, but start to get a ton of compliments.

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