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August 19, 2016

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Best Crockett & Jones – Ever!

Best Crockett & Jones - Ever!

Picture courtesy of Style Forum

Sometimes a relatively simple shoe that might look good but be a bit flat in character can be uplifted a million times over with a bit of work in the polish and color department. I am actually working on a post about doing home made for beginners, a sequel to my very generic one that I did years ago. Don’t get your hopes up though as I probably won’t release it for a little while. Sorry but these things take time these days. But back to the subject and point, from what I gathered on Style Forum, this pair of Crockett & Jones ’s (see original below) were simply given a home remedy patina by one of the members of the forum. While this does not look as flashy and intricate as the other that I show on the blog, I must say that he actually did a really good job, as he completely uplifted the look of the shoe but did it ever so subtly. And what he did, makes that shoe look not only a 100 times but also more expensive…. Well done to the owner of this shoe!

Best Crockett & Jones - Ever!


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