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August 8, 2016

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Herring + Alfred Sargent = 1966 Collection

Herring-Herring Shackelton-Cherry Calf and Pin Grain-6721-3522-1
Herring shoes has come a long way in the last few years. When I first started out as a blogger, I won’t lie, I was not a fan of what they were selling as it appeared to be predominantly the lower end shoes made by the likes of Loake and Cheaney (doing what looked liked their bottom end work to maintain those low prices). And it was overly English in my eyes. But in the last few years, they have drastically changed their direction by offering more unique and higher quality products and bringing on makers that are non-English, such as Carlos Santos, to produce ranges of shoes for them.

And I think that they have done well at this as their first ‘high end’ line, the 1966 (which you see here) has been tremendously successful for them. While I am sure that having £99 shoes helped them get successful as a business having shoes with fiddleback/bevelled waists, nice last shapes and what looks like good grade leather, Herring was able to finally step into the arena of quality and become a major player in the upper realm of quality shoes.

And to top it off, as this original post was quite old, they have since gone a step further by really playing with the boundaries of bold with their Carlos Santos line, coming in all sorts of colors and models. Well done Herring. Keep it up!

Herring-Herring Drake-Antique Chestnut-6730-3529-1 Herring-Herring Fiennes-Chestnut Calf-6922-3678-1 Herring-Herring Raleigh-Black Calf-6726-3526-1 Herring-Herring Scott-Antique Oxblood-6724-3525-1


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