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August 3, 2016

Septieme Largeur Launches Geneva Shop!

Septieme Largeur6545
Our favorite success story has struck again. And that is the story of how in 5 years Septieme Largeur has come from a small sub-brand of Markowski, to becoming one of the dominant brands in their sector of the industry with 3 shops in Paris, one in Singapore, another in Taiwan and most recently their new shop in Geneva at 14 rue Verdaine which has just opened. And I can tell you that it is only the beginning and it’s great to follow a brand transform from day to do mega powerhouse and it was mainly down a simple concept: offering patina on RTW shoes. Naturally offering patina is not enough, they have to be good tooo and SL’s patina’s have grown over the years to being not only far from the start but unique in ways that you don’t often see in other patina offerings such as this pink-ish/burgundy gradient patina that is mind-blowing cool IMHO.

So, it’s nice to see them doing well, also because they are good friends of mine and I always love to see my friend doing well. So for those of you in Geneva, pop on down. And for those of you not, enjoy the pics of beautiful shoes!!
Septieme Largeur636456 Septieme Largeur678963 Septieme Largeur6545654 Septieme Largeur65454 Septieme Largeur636 Septieme Largeur63645879 Septieme Largeur65459879 Septieme Largeur66543215


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