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September 5, 2016

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J.FitzPatrick A/W16 Westlake (Button Boot) Pre-Sale Now Live

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After the huge success of our first line up of button boots, last A/W15, we knew that we had to follow up with another strong collection and add yet another option by releasing 5 new colors (as opposed to the original 4 of which two we replaced).

Last season the black calf option was our weakest seller so this year I wanted to really make it special and unique. I did this by simply adding what I had never seen used on a button boot before (at least not a modern one) and that was genuine Mother of Pearl buttons against a very strong black backdrop i.e the suede. And I feel like they really turned out great, as the buttons just give the right amount of pop to not make the black option too boring or overly classic. I hope that you all feel the same.



The dark brown version was on a leather that we discontinued so I had to change it at the very least in that regards, but also wanted to change the fabric used. Instead of trying something truly new, I thought that I would be a bit familiar in combination with our classic denim/brown combination that is also seen on our staple model, the Wedgwood. After all, I am a maniac for denim and think that many of you out there are too!

The last 3 colors (Burgundy, Forest Green and Tan Soft Grain) were really special as instead of offering another quite typical herringbone tweed that is commonly seen, we wanted to really offer something exclusive and in a tweed but not one often seen. So we teamed up with Holland & Sherry (very famous cloth merchants here in England and who supply much of Savile Row) who showed a book of their latest cloths. When I saw the one, I knew that it was it (despite there being like a millions options to choose from). In the ordering room, I could already envision which leathers to pair with which cloths so we ordered them straightaway. And for me they all came out excellent.


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This brings us to the Pre-Sale. Unlike our other two earlier this year, the stock has already been purchased and there is only a limited amount of stock to choose from and what is on offer is what will come (there is no option to change soles/lasts etc). Here is the breakdown of sizing and quantity per color (x = pairs):

UK6 = 1x, UK6.5 = 1x, UK7 = 2x, UK7.5 = 2x, UK8 = 3x, UK8.5 = 3x, UK9 = 2x, Uk9.5 = 2x, UK10 = 2x, UK10.5 = 2x, UK11 = 1x, UK12 = 1x

I show you this as it will very much be a first come, first serve and if you don’t act quick, you might loose out and have to wait for before Christmas for the restock to come in.

All preorders come with a complimentary alderwood shoe tree and button boots in general, from now come with button hooks. If you already have a button hook and/or have one on the way from an Aurora preorder, you can specify in the notes if you would rather have a sock instead (or products of equal value). We will not however deduct money from the retail price in exchange for not getting a button hook.


Happy Shopping and all questions can be emailed to 

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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