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September 24, 2016

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Orban’s – The Brand To Watch Out For In 2016


For those that have yet to discover, there is a brand new shoe venture on the scene and their name is Orban’s. The company was founded and launched by the same man, Mr. Marcos Fernandez, that brought to the world the very famous brand Septieme Largeur. Wanting to offer well made shoes at an unbeatable entry level price, he decided to create Orban’s and thus attempt realize his vision of seeing more and more people across the world wearing well made welted shoes at a price that the average earner could afford.

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The brand is still in its infant stages so I am unsure of all of the kinks that it might have. I see that the website is not yet able to be translated into English but it is still quite easy to figure out. I hope and presume that they will ship outside of France/Europe but am also unsure if that is possible too. But at €150 for shoes and €175 for boots, they are at an amazing price for a welted shoes made in Europe. But just remember, you can’t pay that kind of money and expect quality of a £400 shoe. That is simply not feasible nor achievable. But if they are welted using French calf from Annonay and Du Puy then they must be good!!

Happy Shopping and a very Happy New Year to everyone!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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