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November 2, 2016

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Fugashin – The Vietnamese Takeover!

Fugashin shoes
I have long known about the capabilities of goodyear welted shoe factories in SE Asia, but never had I seen workmanship quite like that of the shoes of Fugashin-Saigon who own a factory in Vietnam. The waist work, shape of lasts, Norwegian stitching and pattern design is that of the level of handgrade shoes valued at +£700 and while I do not yet know their European price, I am quite sure they cost a fraction of that. It is quite frightening actually to think about. If people put down the idea that things made in Asia are of low quality and craftsmanship and realize that a good shoe can be made anywhere that leather can be shipped to and hardworking people with passion thrive, then it could be that SE Asia could be the next leader in shoemaking. I am sure many of you will laugh at that, but these pictures here are proof of their capabilities. The only question, is how many up and coming designers will go there to create their brand and be willing to fight the world on the idea that good shoes have to come from Europe. Let’s see who has the guts?

Fugashin shoes Fugashin shoes Fugashin shoes Fugashin shoes


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