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December 2, 2016

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Men’s So Called Style Mags Peddle Crap Advice

Men's So Called Style Mags Peddle Crap Advice

I recently went to Windsor to see the lovely castle there and for the train ride I decided to buy one of the men’s style magazines for the journey. Now, I used to be the most religious buyer there was, not only did I not buy a subscription I stupidly paid full price for each mag, each month. That was until one day I realized that all I was reading was the same rubbish month after month and seeing the same crappy brands, that were clearly lining the pockets of the . So I stopped reading them and only on a blue moon will I see what they are saying, mainly to laugh.

So, naturally my guard is up when it comes to shoes as it is important to me what is being said about them and the advice being given. So I came to the two pages that you are seeing in this post and was flabbergasted by the crap that I was not only seeing, but reading and the horrendous advice being offered. Those disgusting, chunky tassel loafers with commando like soles and a metal squares on the tassel were being suggested as a perfectly acceptable shoe to be worn for black tie formality events. My mouth dropped wide open at the audacity of their statement of being perfectly acceptable to tuxedo dress code. That is quite possibly the worst advice I have ever read. And it makes me think, who the hell is writing this and how are they qualified to give such ? It would be insulting to wear these horrendous loafers to a black tie event.

And then the second picture. I mean the shoe is not overly bad. It’s not my style  at all and the subject ‘chunky derbies’ is not overly horrible but to say that those shoes are acceptable with suits just blew my mind. I mean, sure if you like the Thom Browne look which to me is quite silly, but no respectable gentleman would wear chunky derbies like that with a suit. Hipsters sure, but they are hipsters. This is supposed to be magazine that represents an authority on men’s style, but all I see and read is the most ill advice and offerings ever. And it only seems to be getting worse. These are fashion mags parading as a style mag when their style advice is the furthest thing from advice at all, more like the opposite of advice. Read these mags to know what ‘NOT TO DO’!!

So how is it that these things stay afloat. Who actually believes this crap? I guess teenagers or pre 30’s. Either way, it’s appalling to read this stuff and hope that you all wise up to it and protest!!

Men's So Called Style Mags Peddle Crap Advice


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