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January 25, 2017

Leffot – New Products for NYC

Leffot - New Products for NYC


I always look forward to seeing what retailers are stocking in their shops as new pieces and makers they bring on board. Now of course, I never care about the boring black oxford that they will stock, but do more so like seeing the choice daring pieces that I know that they are taking a risk on, like these Brighton loafers by Corthay. I had someone ask me recently, ‘Justin, don’t you ever get afraid of coming out with a bold shoe and not selling it?’ I said ‘No, not really. The fact of the matter is that as a small brand I only order like 20 pairs and I know that one way or another I am going to rid of those 20 pairs.’ So in reality I don’t look at it like a risk at all. Of course I won’t get full retail price on all of them. Some will go into the sale and I will get less a margin on it, but at least I get rid of all of them. And I wish more people thought like that as we would then see more bold . But good thing Steven isn’t afraid of ordering bold!

So please see what’s new at Leffot and enjoy your shopping!


Leffot - New Products for NYC

Edward Green Galway

Leffot - New Products for NYC

button boot

Leffot - New Products for NYC

Saint Crispins derby

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