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January 23, 2017

The Idea of Great Photography

The Idea of Great Photography

courtesy of A fine pair of

I have beat it into the head so many times but the more I am in this industry and the more that I use social media and modern ways to market and understand potential customer’s liking I see just how important good photography assists in marketing any product.

When I look at these pictures in this post, I see just how much a good piece of photography can make a real difference in communicating the essence and quality of a shoe. Showing the quality, make and beauty of a shoe in a photograph is very difficult and it is an art making that come to life and bringing it forth in something that is 2 Dimensional. But when you can make it happen, as a brand that predominately relies on ecommerce it is truly essential.

I always find it not only inspiring but educational to see good photography. Even crap shoes can look good in good photography so it makes you think how good shoes can made to look even better or at least on par with the actual quality of the leather, make and essence of the shoe.

Good photography means a lot. To all of the brands out there and people trying to convey quality in social media, realize how pertinent it is to the success of your brand!


The Idea of Great Photography

Shoes by , photo by

The Idea of Great Photography

Shoes by Saint Crispins, photo by Skoaktiebolaget

The Idea of Great Photography

shoes by


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