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March 23, 2017

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Details Of A Gentleman, London Event – Jaunty Flaneur, Vass/Ascot Shoes, Masaru Okuyama and Much More

To All Londoners (or nearby residents) interested in events, the Jaunty Flaneur is back at it with a 2nd rendition of his Details of a Gentleman night this coming April 5th. There will be an array of brands showcasing their stuff, some of which are Vass shoes by Ascot Shoes and Japanese (Hong Kong based) Bespoke Shoemaker, Masaru Okuyama. Not only that but there shall be many more menswear brands, drinks and nibbles. From the looks of the last party which I sadly missed due to travel, I imagine a great night to be had. I shall be attending so I hope to see many of you there. There is however, a small fee for attending so if you wish to come pop by and join the festivities, follow the link below to register.

Details of a Gentleman 2017 Registration/Info


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SLP-116-X3 SLP-121-X3 SLP-140-X3 SLP-143-X3 SLP-154-X3 SLP-176-X3 SLP-183-X3 SLP-184-X3 SLP-190-X3 SLP-232-X3 SLP-289-X3 SLP-324-X3 SLP-374-X3 SLP-377-X3 (1)


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