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London Super Trunk Show – Brand Showcase #6 – Ramon Cuberta

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Ramon Cuberta is another bespoke shoemaker also based in Barcelona, but was trained at home first by two Spanish independent shoemakers (pretty sure Norman Vilalta helped him along the way) and then by one who freelanced for John Lobb Ltd. He became know for offering full bespoke at relatively low prices(starts at £1750/€2 050), and during spring he’ll also launch a Made to Measure range of five models, three lasts, made as his bespoke shoes but will start at£1 200/€1 400. Like his colleague Norman Vilalta, Mr. Ramon Cuberta has also now starting offering his own RTW range, which cost around £390/€450 and will be showcased at The Super Trunk Show in London.

The RTW are Goodyear welted and made in Spain in the shoemaking region Almansa. Initially he launched only three models, which were three of the favorites from his bespoke samples, but has some more models in the pipeline. Lasted shoe trees are also included in the price, which is quite a good deal at the end of the day. To reserve an appointment for ordering a pair of bespoke or MTM shoes, e-mail

Yet another reason to come to our London Super Trunk Show this May 13th at The Music Room

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