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October 18, 2017

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Very Interesting Double Monk by Cobbler Union

It is often refreshing to see double monks done differently as, to be honest, I am quite over the classic double monkstrap that simply swoops from one side to the next in one, large flap. Seeing new ways to design the straps is always interesting as you can see the creative juices flowing in the mind of the designer. Pattern making is a challenging thing and sometimes also limiting to a designer as what you can create in your head, cannot always be executed the way you envision it. Cobber Union has done an interesting execution here of the criss-cross strap style, but what I like was how they added it to a brogued wing-tip with brogued heel counter. You don’t often see brogued monkstraps. I don’t know why either as for me the monkstrap style is more of a jean/chino look and brogueing goes well with that look as opposed to a more clean look that you would require for strict business attire. Being able to transition your shoes from pure smart to dress casual is important in value for money and models like this sit very well underneath a nice pair of well-cut jeans. Maybe we will soon start seeing more brogued monkstraps with alternative strap patterns….just maybe 🙂

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