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February 23, 2018

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Carlos Santos w/ Darkened Brogueing

Carlos Santos w/ Darkened Brogueing

Even though it can look pretty cheap, I have always loved the accent of a brogueing that has been darkened to the rest of the shoe. For me, it adds character to what otherwise can be a boring shoe. And maybe it is just because I am not crazy about lighter leather shoes like tan and the like and think that adding such accent makes them more wearable. I mean, I wouldn’t probably do it on a dark brown shoe, with black brogueing, but on a reddish brown shoe like this Carlos Santos for Skoaktiebolaget, I think that the darker brogueing helps give depth and character to what I otherwise feel would be a fun of the mill shoe that looks like every other reddish-brown adelaide on the market. And while maybe some people like to blend in, I personally hate to look like everyone else!

What say you about it? Yay or Nay on the darker brogueing?

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