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February 15, 2018

Ramon Cuberta New 2018 RTW Collection

Ramon Cuberta has recently launched his new 2018 collection and although small, it packs a punch. With 4 shoes on offer to choose from, there is no room for error with whether or not you like something, at least for Ramon’s sake. But safe to say for him, while slightly bolder than your average oxford, the model with separate facing (as highlighted), coming in two shades of brown should be able to gain most people’s attention and liking. It puts a slight twist of your adelaide oxford with a unique medallion that might not be to everyone’s liking but not so ostentatious that one need be afraid to wear it. I personally think that they are a great looking shoe. But I must say that leaving out a black pair is a no-no as most men that need to wear dress shoes, usually like to have the black option. For those that really need a black and love Cuberta’s style, I guess the MTO route will serve them well enough.

Prices start at €550 which comes with lasted shoe trees. But shipping expenses are on top for anyone outside of Spain.


Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

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