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Maftei RTW for Shoes Fever

Maftei RTW for Shoes Fever

For those of you a fan of the Austro-Hungarian style of shoemaking you will be pleased to know that one shop in South Korea, named Shoes Fever, has started carrying Maftei Ready to Wear shoes. In a world of cell phones and laptops and free worldwide shipping (for companies that can afford to offer that), one no longer has to take a trip to Vienna to acquire a pair of shoes from the famous Austrian/Romanian brand. Now you can visit a South Korean website with English translation, free worldwide shipping and have a pair waiting outside your door in a matter of days. This is one amazing feature of Globalization. The downside being what you do if they don’t fit? But such is the sacrifice we make for convenience. But all jokes aside, it’s nice to have access to small brands that otherwise you would have to take a flight + hotel in order to acquire a pair, or hope that you live in a city worthy of a trunk show.

I am particularly fond of this elegant and classic pair of burgundy penny with a very nice balance of rounded chisel toe, not being too boxy nor too pointy. Find yours now at the link above.


-Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’


***This post was part of an agreement between a blog advertiser and myself. However, I would never write about something I do not like myself so fret now, my stamp of approval is on this product regardless if I have an advertiser or not***

Maftei RTW for Shoes Fever Maftei RTW for Shoes Fever Maftei RTW for Shoes Fever Maftei RTW for Shoes Fever

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