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May 30, 2018

Shoes of the Month – Bespoke Balmoral Oxfords by Enrile

I have been following Enrile (Antonio Enrile) for a few years now and have been impressed with his progression as a bespoke shoemaker, hailing out of Seville, Spain. His designs were always intriguing but at first, I was not crazy about the last shapes, all too often being very bulbous. But nonetheless, there was potential for greatness through the perseverance of trade and cool designs. Today, Enrile has shown me his best piece of work yet, with this exquisite pair of balmoral oxfords in black calf with light blue detailing. I particularly love the blue sole stitching. That was a subtle, yet lovely touch and great contrast against the black to make a pair of typical oxfords stand out from the crowd. Also most intriguing is the umbrella like shape of the brogueing around the balmoral line. I have yet to see a punch detail like that and I think that it looks great as something different. But also like the fact that he kept the toe punching as a standard 1/2 brogue punch. Had he not, it might have been too much over detail. Not sure but I think that it all ties very well together and I am happy to see his coming from Enrile.

For those of you contemplating bespoke shoes, don’t overlook Spain, particularly the south where Enrile resides. With great shoemaking and great pricing you just might be in for a treat!



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