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June 8, 2018

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Löf & Tung’s New Loafers

Löf & Tung's New Loafers

’s house brand, Löf & Tung, has just launched some new loafers for the Summer. Two are classic leather loafers that really don’t do it for me in an exciting way, but I love the suede versions. I have always been a fan of the braided tassel loafer, and the dark brown suede version is a must-have for any man that likes a classic yet still not too common tassel loafer. I have also really been loving the classic dark brown suede color these days and find myself more and more attracted to any shoe in this color/material as I get older. I guess it’s a part of that laziness factor of not having to polish it and the fact that it goes with pretty much everything. And in a loafer, it really becomes your go-to Summer shoe, especially if you are a denim head like myself!

But what is really special out of this capsule collection is the richness of color on their Rivera string loafer model. This Fox/Tobacco looking suede that is not quite Snuff but not quite Fox neither. A perfect way between. Whatever it is, the color is simply extraordinary and really suits the typical shades of linen/ cotton that one would find himself wearing in the warmer months. It makes me want to break out my olive cotton suit on this warm NYC day and even potentially go sockless. Imagine that!!

At $312 a pair, it’s hard to beat!


Löf & Tung's New Loafers Löf & Tung's New Loafers Löf & Tung's New Loafers

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