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June 7, 2018

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My Story — The 5 Year Plan: Starting the Blog

Read previous posts on My Story HERE My father was my business role model. Not because I wanted to be like him (because I always wanted to be my own man, the nature of a Capricorn) but because he was wicked smart, fearless, adventurous, naturally intelligent with a ton of common sense, caring, selfless and I wanted to learn from all of those things. And in being those, I would always share my ideas with […]

June 6, 2018

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Adidas ‘Stan Smith’ – Patina Style! — Les Cireurs Parisiens

In the home of Patina, France (Paris to be exact), there is a group of gents, called Les Cireurs Parisiens, not only giving patina’s to any Joe’s shoes, but specializing in doing so on the classic Stan Smith shoe by Adidas. An iconic model without a doubt, the Stan Smith becomes immensely enhanced with a bit of unique coloring added to it. That is why these photos immediately caught my eye and interest. I always […]

June 1, 2018

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5 Signs Your Shoes Aren’t Worth What You Paid

There are probably more crap shoes in the world right now more than at any other point in history. And what’s even worse is that there are more people buying said crap shoes more than any other point in history too, keeping this sad trend alive. And I am not talking about cheaply made mass-produced Chinese stuff. I am talking about loads of brands claiming to be well made, ‘handmade’, ‘handcrafted’ etc and are peddling […]