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June 16, 2018

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Septieme Largeur – Spring/Summer 2018 Line Up!

Septieme Largeur has made a clear statement this Summer with their color scheme of Snuff suede, Bottle Green suede and what looks like Deep Red Suede. Quite the choice of colors. In some models it looks great, in others, well let’s just say that it would be a matter of taste. For example, I personally love the Green suede monks as well as the Deep Red Chukkas. Those just might be my favorites of the line-up, and maybe the 3rd place being the sneakers in the red too! Great to see something different though being released into the shoe world. These are not colors you often see, so I am at least pleased to see that someone had the gumption to be daring and make shoes in unique colorways. Well done SL!!

So let’s see how other people take this new collection. Tell me, which ones are your favorites?


  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros y Allu
  2. Ross Aitken

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