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July 23, 2018

New Fresco Range by Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling has recently launched a new Summer Range of ‘fresco’ shoes. As the name would entail, these shoes are meant to be something more ‘lightweight and flexible’ compared to the standard welted range that you typically get from British shoemakers. It is like a touch of Italian soft shoulder on the standard structured English cut. And what they came up with is the Capri: A classic penny loafer with an elongated toe on a non-welted construction and in 3 colorways. There is a little something for everyone, although a nice blue suede would have completed the capsule collection nicely!

What I like about these is that the sole appears to be the traditional thickness that you would otherwise find on a welted shoes, just minus the welt. I like this as I really can’t stand shoes that have razor-thin soles that is like nothing. I like the robust look of a proper sole on a sleekly shaped last, giving you the best of both worlds. At only £565 (with vat £678) per pair, this is quite a low cost for a G&G shoe, so for those of you looking for new weekends shoes or for your trips to the South of France, here is another good option for you!

Curious to see now how far they will take the ‘Fresco’ line and if they will introduce oxfords in the mix!


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