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August 31, 2018

J.FitzPatrick Footwear – 30% Off Pre-Order Sale – Last Weekend!


It is the final days of our Pre-Order Sale Period where you can get 30% off the retail price on all of the old Seasonal Models that we will no longer be stocking from this point forward.

Remember that after this sale period, to order these same shoes will incur an added MTO fee and a 3-4 month wait period.

A Pre-Order Sale shoe is something that you are getting at a discounted rate in exchange for waiting for us to place the order at the end of the sale period and the shoes to arrive at a later date. You cannot beat this offer so do not miss out!

The Sale ends Monday at 9am London Time. So you have 2.5 days to grab your pair.

**Please note, all pre-orders will take up to 4 months to arrive from the 3rd of September. Any Pre-orders for the discontinued stock will be non-returnable/non– exchangeable***

For any general questions and/or size advice please email

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Justin FitzPatrick



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