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September 24, 2018

Patrick Frei Bespoke Oxfords

Patrick Frei Bespoke Oxfords

In case you haven’t yet heard of him, Patrick Frei is the most exciting thing in bespoke footwear at the present moment. I have yet to do a major post on him because truth be told, time is just a luxury that I have little of these days but I won’t go too much longer without telling the backstory to this interesting individual who makes exquisite shoes. One of his latest creations is this intricate oxford that almost has the feel of a saddle derby but in fact is simply just a unique saddle oxford. I love the mix of exotic and calfskin here, particularly the coloring. That reddish brown alligator/crocodile is probably my favorite shade of exotic leather. Which therefore comes as no surprise that many makers use that color scheme to make it in as it is the obvious choice!


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