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October 24, 2018

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Gladiator Boots by Taft

I have never seen a pair in person but I am quite fond of what American Boot company, Taft, have been coming out with design-wise. Most things are quite unique. I won’t lie and say that I like it all as there are some not so amazing things in the collection and we all know that I hate the word ‘handmade’ on a shoe site (that are clearly made in a factory) but I at least respect that they are pushing the envelope with design and not afraid to make a statement. One of the latest inventions is their gladiator boot, as pictured here. A new take on the gladiator design, this brogue boot appeals to all of those that are keep on your typical English country boot but with a twist. Coming in a very nice shade of tan with accented brogueing and burnishing, I see it’s appeal. And at only $349. Good for those that don’t mind paying for Blake Construction. For the welted snobs (like myself), well sorry, you have to go to England for that!



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