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October 17, 2018

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Penny Loafers – Classic Round Toe or Modern Elongated Toe?

Loafers by Crockett & Jones

The penny loafer is the most classic style of loafer there is. And probably my least favorite as I personally prefer a butterfly or wholecut version. But I am not the end all be all as most of the world still loves a good ‘ol fashioned Penny strap version.

But the question now is which version is more preferred by the people: the classic round last or the modern elongated toe? I have always preferred a loafer to be on a round toe. Not an overly round one, but a smart round one that has some shape other than just “round.” But now you are seeing a lot of loafers on the chisel last, such as Crockett & Jones’ version above. It is definitely an elegant option and for me makes it more dressy for suit attire. But the flip side IMHO is that it makes it almost too slick for jeans whereas the round last keeps it more casual, not 100% ideal for suits but good for casual wear.

Whats your take on it? Which do you prefer?

Loafers by Lof & Tung

Loafers by Edward Green for Unipair


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