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October 2, 2018

The Adelaide Oxford – By Hiro Yanagimachi

The Adelaide Oxford - By Hiro Yanagimachi

I am really loving  these days and I think that many others are too. I see them often on social media and find myself nearly always attracted to them. The details about separating the facing as its own piece and not something that follows the line of the quarter, really makes it more appealing for me. I have a pair classic cap toe , but if I am going to be honest, they are really quite boring or maybe for me just outdated. I appreciate them on a classic and serious level but find that the updated adelaide oxford with a bit of brogueing, like the one shown here by Hiro Yanagimachi, is simply so much more interesting. It’s not a huge leap from the classic version but infinitely more appealing IMHO. Wonder if this will ever replace the classic cap toe oxford as the standard dress shoe? What say you?



  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros y Allu
  2. Eugene Freedman
  3. Simon

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