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October 19, 2018

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The Saddle Oxford done Differently

The more that I see this model by Stephane Jimenez the more that I appreciate it. He basically blended a saddle oxford with a swan neck and really took shoe design to another level. And its funny because changes like this are really quite simple yet no one ever does them. All too often to oxfords look the same and its really quite boring. So seeing something somewhat different like this is always appreciated, at least from me.

What I love about the saddle oxford is the fact that it has a plain toe. I love a plain toe for many reasons. First, its not common. Second, it makes a perfect mirror shine. And third, its the most versatile because can be worn to dress functions, to casual attire situations. Yet you always see a cap of some sort as the common design feature for the oxford. Its rare to see a beautiful plain toe as the main choice for the majority of shoe wearers.

Either way its nice to see a subtle yet profound change to the saddle oxford. Something that is clever and maintains the elegance of the model. Well done Stephane for this design choice!

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