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December 27, 2018

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Calzoleria Oscura Shoes

There is a new outfit in town and when I say ‘town’ I mean Milan, Italy. You might see the boot above very reminiscent of Riccardo Bestetti’s gladiator pattern and well that is because Calzoleria Oscura is comprised of the makers that used to work for Riccardo himself before his passing. Deciding to move on, the new company went out and started their own venture taking with them what they learned from the late, great Master Bestetti, friend and amazing shoemaker.

From humble means and a true testament to continue making great shoes, Calzoleria Oscura is working in Milan from a garage, doing all by hand. And the more that I see these gladiator style shoes/boots the more that I want a pair. I think that as a boot the pattern is a lot more attractive. On a shoe, it is quite a lot. But I would most certainly rock these burgundy boots as featured!

For inquiries or to have some shoes made, please contact  … being a new, hungry outfit, I imagine that the prices will be competitive for bespoke!


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