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February 8, 2019



To read more about the London Super Trunk Show 2019, please click HERE
For the first time, the most notable Spanish shoemaker, Carmina, joins us at the London Super Trunk Show 2019 and we couldn’t be happier for this. Many of you do not need an intro to Carmina shoemaker, being one of the most famous and longest standing welted shoemakers hailing from Spain. But for those that do, allow me to tell you that Carmina is one of the best bang for buck shoemakers of the industry.

Coming out of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Carmina makes a shoe that has very very good value for money and is of course made of top quality. Their finishing details are superb, the lasts shapes fitting like Handgrade shoes and models that range from classic to uniquely modern. There really is not a lot that they don’t do and on top of that are one of the few people to have access to Horween cordovan, in all colors imaginable.

I have always been found of Carmina’s Simpson last as well as this split toe single monk directly below. And from the pictures shown here you can see why they have done so well at climbing to the top of the welted shoe industry. And probably what is most impressive about them as I have seen them in many shows, are the stands they creating at a trunk show, as if you are walking into their own shop.

Carmina does not have a presence in London so now would be a great opportunity to see this spectacular shoemaker’s abilities in person!

The London Super Trunk Show 2019 will be held at on Saturday, March 23th, 2019



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