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February 19, 2019

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London Super Trunk Show 2019 – Main Partner: Saphir


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To read more about the London Super Trunk Show 2019, please click HERE


For those that may not realize, there is shoe polish and then there is SHOE POLISH. The French Shoe Polish Powerhouse, Saphir, would fall into the latter category making what is often considered the finest shoe polish there is. And for good reason too. You won’t know this without ever having first-hand experience with it, but when comparing the products of Saphir to the ones that you find in the corner shops for a couple of bucks (you all know the brand), you can immediately see and feel the difference. And more importantly, are the long term effects and how your leather will thank you for it by aging with grace instead of prematurely from dried out leather. If you have never tried Saphir, then do yourself and your shoes a favor and grab a tin or two of the polish.

Thanks to Saphir, who is our Main Partner for the London Super Trunk Show (all 3 years now), we are able to host not only the main event of the actual show altogether but also both the contest for Shoe Shine and Patina World Championships. We owe a lot to the Saphir/Avel brand and want thank them for their continued participation to make this great shoe event possible.

Please do come to the show to see their products first hand and stock up on your shoe care needs.

The London Super Trunk Show 2019 will be held at on Saturday, March 23th, 2019

Saphir in the US can be found at The Hanger Project



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