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March 1, 2019

Braided Loafers PreSale for SS19 by J.FitzPatrick Footwear

Summer is around the corner and we, at J.FitzPatrick Footwear, are gearing up for our SS19 collection. As usual, we like to offer those of you eager to get your pair in a chance at pre-ordering them at a 20% discount.

As we will be ordering what is purchased during the PreSale, we have opened up the sizing to offer UK5, UK5.5 and UK11.5 (US6, US6.5 and US12.5,) all sizes that are usually MTO so do take advantage of that if you fall into one of those 3 sizes.

The three colors on offer are:

Dark Brown Suede — This is your go-to loafer color that can easily pair with pretty much all of the attire one would wear in the Summer, from jeans to linens to even a nice pair of smartly cut cotton shorts. You really can’t go wrong with this colorway

Navy Suede on Natural Sole — This is our ‘fun’ option for those of you a bit more bold, daring and looking to really spruce up your Summer attire this season. This one is definitely a head-turner/eye-catcher so don’t be surprised when you are walking down the street and getting a lot of looks! 🙂

Black Suede — My personal favorite and a color choice that often goes slept on, but what most don’t think about is that for me, this is an all-year-round option, even though it is braided. Black suede is so easy to wear with pretty much everything and being that black suede is usually very deep and rich in its blackness, it is actually quite a dressy option at that and can easily transition from a pair of jeans to a suit!

Please Note, these are a PreSale product. This means that after the sale is over, we will order them and they will arrive 3-4 months later. This is why we give you a 20% discount.

The Sale will end the evening March 16th, 2019, Pacific Standard Time (California, USA)

For any questions or concerns, please email for US inquiries or for Worldwide inquiries.

Happy Shopping

Justin FitzPatrick

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