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March 26, 2019

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Fila Platform Sneaker – What The F**k??!!!

Fila Platform Sneaker - What The F**k??!!!

Is it just me or out of nowhere does it feel like everyone is wearing shoes that look like they belong on Mars?

I am not going to lie here, in the last few years, I have grown out of being a Shoe Snob about stitches to the inch, tapered heels and beveled waists which is really just due to the amount of basic crappy dress shoes that have been launched left and right by the numerous brands coming out of Spain, Portugal, Italy and now even Asia, all undercutting each other and claiming handmade. It kind of just ruined my love of the shoe industry and I realized that I have been quite jaded by it all. But this has shown me, with this icing on the cake of ‘absolute dog shit’ style that has made popular overnight, that what I gained back was my will to go on ludicrous rants about the horrendous things that I see on a day to day basis. And the subject at hand is these monstrosities displayed above.

I mean really? These look like moon shoes. Neil Armstrong wore these, definitely.

Now, I pretty much excuse anything women wear as they think very differently and fashion is apart of their nature. But men are different. We are ‘supposed’ to be classic or at least stylish. But going all out fashion, wearing stuff that simply makes you look ridiculous, is just beyond me when it comes to the ‘how and why’ trends like this would/could catch on in the menswear world. Yet it always seems to happen.

Fila Platform Sneaker - What The F**k??!!!

It really smacked me in the face yesterday when I walked into this new sneaker/clothing shop on Broadwick Street in London and all I saw were shoes that looked exactly like this. And even more so then at least the beauty of all white sneakers, is this new design concept of having 50 fucking colors on one pair of shoes drawn with what looks like squiggly lines just like my son used to do when he was 2 years old.

And I am in this shop looking for Nike Cortez, a classic Nike sneaker, and wondering if I stepped onto a film set for a movie about the Human Race migrating to Mars. I don’t recognize hardly any of the sneakers. Brands that I have never heard of. And I think, ‘am I old?’ I mean, I am only 35, most people think I am 28 year but gosh, what was all of that crap? And I believe this Fila is the one to blame, I saw this on the streets and feet of NYCers and elsewhere before I saw the rest of this rubbish.

What are we coming to???!!

Stay tuned for more rants, I realize, I got a lot now!




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