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March 8, 2019

Going Bold for Friday Festivities – Baudoin & Lange

Going Bold for Friday Festivities - Baudoin & Lange

I don’t really dress as bold as I used to. Not sure if it’s laziness, that I am getting older and just don’t care anymore about much other than making my thought process less stressful so just resort to simple colors or the fact that my tastes are actually changing. I think the latter is probably the least likely as I still appreciate seeing men go bold, like our good friend Sanjay here of @windowstomysole on IG. Most likely it’s a combination of the first two as every now and then I make an effort and go colorful and bold and feel good about it. But I like doing that when wearing suits and I really just don’t break those out anymore.

I have always been a sucker for and pairing , so naturally was attracted to this photo when I saw it. I love everything in this outfit and think that are just about one of my favorite things. Happy to see others take part in that idea and see that Baudoin & Lange made a particularly beautiful shade of green suede in their classic loafer. A great choice indeed. Well done Sanjay!

A beautiful weekend to all!

-Justin FitzPatrick

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