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March 18, 2019

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We are just days away now from The London Super Trunk Show 2019 and I am quite excited to see how this year’s event turns out, not only because it’s our 3rd year running but mainly because we are showcasing in a new, beautiful venue on South Regent Street.

As always, my brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, is one of the brands that showcases at the event. And like always we offer special deals and incentives on the day so if you were thinking to get something of ours, attending the event is your best chance to get a good deal! And unlike past years, we will also reward those that cannot attend with a different special offer to be announced via our newsletter after the event. If you are not signed up to the newsletter, now would ne a good time to do that at, at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to seeing all those that attend!

The London Super Trunk Show 2019 will be held at on Saturday, March 23th, 2019

To read more about the London Super Trunk Show 2019, please click HERE

-Justin FitzPatrick

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