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March 7, 2019

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Project TWLV is a Swedish/Italian quality footwear brand in the midrange price segment, that focuses on Blake-Rapid stitched and Goodyear welted boots. The brand was founded by two people with extensive experience from the shoe industry’s more fashion-oriented sector. Wanting to branch out, they used their knowledge of the industry and contacts gained during there time in it to build their brand and quickly get it’s name widely spread.


Their boot range is vast, with everything from a clean-cut chelsea boot (see above) to really heavy boots with cuban heels etc. The materials they use are quite different to what you typically find in classic brands. The grain leathers are unique, not like what you typically find in a dress shoe brand. But look sturdy yet supple. They use some kangaroo leather as well as a specific horsehide that is called soft cordovan and cordovan. But it’s not your regular shell cordovan hides, but rather hides often referred to as culatta which is horse butt made with a similar tanning process as shell cordovan, but it’s not the muscle membrane used but the outer grain part.


Prices start at £425/€480. It’s a good deal for a great pair of boots!


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