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Monthly Archive: April 2019

April 4, 2019

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Purple Patina for the Win

Black, brown and burgundy shoes are apparently all too common now. Purple seems to be the new black as I keep seeing MTO shoes being made in it. Just waiting for some bold somemaker to release a proper purple shoe in their RTW collection. And The Shine, of Poland, just might be the ones as they specialize in patina and can make a shade of purple less feared by the majority of men! This shade […]

April 3, 2019

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Report From The Super Trunk Show 2019

Words by: Jesper Ingevaldsson of Shoegazing Blog Last Saturday the third edition of the London super trunk took place, the world’s largest open event for classic men’s shoes. A huge success with new visitor record, around 1,000 people came into the doors throughout the day, to look and buy from the ten exhibitors, partners and follow the World Championships in shoe shining, shoe patina and shoemaking.

April 1, 2019

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Moscow Super Trunk & Shoesing Awards – April 20th

  The idea of a Shoe Super Trunk Show originally started with Jesper Ingevaldsson, of Shoegazing Blog, out of Sweden. He created the first one in Stockholm. Some years later when I was living in the UK, I came to him with the idea of doing one together in London and he agreed, thinking it was a good idea. We are currently on our 3rd event in London which actually took place on March 23rd and was […]