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April 4, 2019

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Purple Patina for the Win

Purple Patina for the Win

Black, brown and burgundy shoes are apparently all too common now. Purple seems to be the new black as I keep seeing MTO shoes being made in it. Just waiting for some bold somemaker to release a proper purple shoe in their RTW collection. And The Shine, of Poland, just might be the ones as they specialize in and can make a shade of purple less feared by the majority of men!

This shade in particular is quite beautiful and is one they offer as a stock product. A bit deeper than a regal purple but still purple nonetheless and beautiful. I can imagine pairing this with a deep navy suit and creating an elegant look you dont often see. People, men in particular, are often afraid of trying new things, particularly if it might get too much noticing in a way that leads to bad comments. But like the famous saying goes “why worry about it, it probably wont happen anyway.” So dont be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new. You never know, it just might get you all of the attention you have been hoping for?!

Purple Patina for the Win


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