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June 24, 2019

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Sons of Henrey – New Shoe Brand and on The Marketplace

There is a new company in the shoe industry and its name is Sons of Henrey.

Like many companies of the modern day, Sons of Henrey sticks to the very classic models, offering a solid Spanish Made Goodyear construction coupled with leathers from the top European tanneries. What apparently sets them apart in this somewhat saturated market is the fact that they were co-founded by Michael James, a long time worker of English last making company, Springline.

So what does that mean?

Well, for me, one of the main attributes to a well-made shoe is fit and shape. Without good fit and shape, the shoe is pretty much crap. And one would assume that a person working many years at a shoe tree/last manufacture would be clued up on how to make a good last shape and thus a last with high chances of good fit (for most). And while I do not own a pair of shoes, I am hoping that one of you will confirm this after hearing about the great deals they are offering at our Marketplace.

Sons of Henrey have started offering several models on The Shoe Snob Marketplace. And you can see them below. They are ranging from $204-$250, which is quite a good price for a solid wellted shoe out of Spain offer top notch leathers.

Get your orders in and let me know how they are!


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