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July 2, 2019

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New Shoes on The Marketplace – July 2nd 2019

The Marketplace is growing.

People have a lot of shoes they want to get rid of and are listing them here. We have all kinds of makers listed on The Marketplace. And remember not all of the shoes are used. For example the Septieme Largeur shoes below in UK7/US8 are all brand new, and listed for a steal of a price at that! Whoever is lucky enough to be that size is going to win!

The problem is that not so many people are buying them. And I am not sure why that is?

So the question to ask is why are there not more exchanges being made, of shoes for money? And I was hoping to get all of your feedback so I can try to make things better for everyone.

So here are some ideas that I have thought of that could potentially deter someone from purchasing. Let me know what your feedback is please. I would sincerely appreciate it.

1. Price are too high

2. I dont trust to make a purchase and receive the products

3. The site is confusing

4. I dont see anything I like

5. Shipping prices are too high

6. None of the above – Other (please explain then)

For those of you simply just looking for something to sink your teeth in to, check out a small fraction of the latest shown here, with many more at the site

***prices shown in these screenshots have shipping to the Carribean. Actual prices will vary depending on your location***


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