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August 7, 2019

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Berluti Does It Again – Ruins Dress Shoes

Berluti Does It Again - Ruins Dress Shoes

It pains me to write these types of posts against Berluti as in reality they use to inspire me and have made some of the most beautiful shoes that I have ever seen. But again, maybe that extreme contrast between beauty and ugliness in their shoe production is what keeps me writing these posts, in the hopes that they will stop making these atrocities that can barely pass as shoes.

I just don’t understand what made them produce these over extreme asymmetrical shoes? They butchered the beauty of a wholecut oxford. And who is buying these things? I really just don’t get it?! And because today I posted an immaculate pair of their shoes on Instagram (to come on tomorrow’s blog post). And can make some of the most immaculate shoes the world has seen, but at the very same time some of the absolute ugliest.

But I guess LVMH knows what they are doing right? That’s why they are the largest conglomerate in the world right? So maybe I am missing the trick? That’s the question. Is their business strategically sound or are they simply killing their heritage to just be a brand?

Stay tuned tomorrow for some of the most amazing shoes ever made, also by Berluti!

Berluti Does It Again - Ruins Dress Shoes


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