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August 13, 2019

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Bykowski Button Boots

Bykowski Button Boots

There is a custom clothier, Bykowski Tailor Garb, out of Austin, Texas who is making welted and adding to this fine sector of the shoe industry. He has decided to offer some of his stock on The Shoe Snob Marketplace, going all the way up to UK15/US16 in some models.

It’s great to see something different being offered. I like how they make the button boot more rugged looking. Something that you could easily wear with your jeans and/or more casual trousers. But at the same time being that they left it on a single leather, welted sole, something that you could also pair with your flannel suits.

Love the mother of pearl buttons on the one pair and look forward to seeing what other colorways they manage to create!

Happy Shopping for those of you looking for a new style of button boot!

Bykowski Button Boots Bykowski Button Boots


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