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October 7, 2019

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The Triple Buckle Boot – Magnanni’s Interpretation

The Triple Buckle Boot - Magnanni's Interpretation

For those that like that heavy burnished and Italian style of shoe design, you might be pleased to know that has recently come out with their version of the famous Triple Buckle Monkstrap boot, so eloquently adding their personal ‘’ flair to it with a side zip for convenient function and appeal. I have never been a fan of a zipper on anything other than a jacket but for those that love the look but hate the idea of actually messing with all of those buckles, I am sure that this will come at a great surprise and appeal to the more ‘in a rush’ consumer of getting things done quickly and without hassle. But I will tell you, undoing the buckles and redoing them up, is a hassle indeed. I won’t lie about that. For me, a hassle worth dealing with but a hassle nonetheless.

The triple buckle monkstrap boot has seemed to come a long way since the day that Septieme Largeur launched this boot, around 4 years ago, as something incredibly unique and never seen before. There have been many brands that have created a copy, or shall I say “made their own interpretation,” which in theory should please SL of the fact that they created a very well-received design that brands as big as Magnanni and even Zara have enjoyed enough to have a run at their own try of it. There is a fine line between feeling proud and feeling copied though, being another designer myself. But I try not to worry about those things because at the end of the day there is not really much one can do about it!

Magnanni’s version is quite different than what else is out there so they have at least gone through the trouble to make it ‘theirs’ and in doing so, landed a big fish like Nordstrom, to stock it at the fair price of $450. And if you find yourself intrigued by this model, you will be able to acquire one at the link below

Magnanni at Nordstrom

The Triple Buckle Boot - Magnanni's Interpretation



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